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Please log into my Google Classroom to see updates. That is where I will post messages and reminders.
If you have not joined my Google Classroom but would like to the code is: bdryei5
Join my Remind
To join my "Remind" group, text @mcgarry19 to the number can also download the Remind app and look for my classroom.
If you have any trouble signing up, just email me and I can help you out. You can get messages through texts, through the app, and through email.


2 months ago

Tracie McGarry

Grade 5

Contact Information:

School # 814-236-1411  ext. 207

Parents  and  Students:


 Sign up for "Remind"!!  

This will allow me to send you emails or text messages (whichever you choose)

of upcoming events.  Parents have said that they love getting these messages because notes often do not make it home in a timely fashion...or at all!  Aarg!

I highly encourage every parent to sign up.  My parents from previous years comment about how much they love it!  I will send reminders about upcoming events such as picture day,  class trips, school parties, tests, starting new math units, etc.

Remind  is set up so I do NOT see your phone number or email address.

 Follow the directions below to sign up today! :)  



To receive messages via text:  

My Homeroom:  text @mcgarry19 to the number 81010




General Info.

about 1 year ago


*Each day the homework is written on the board for students to copy into their homework planners.

*Each night I ask that you check your student's planner to see that each assignment is COMPLETE. 


Days  Missed

* If your child is absent, he/she will be expected to make up the missed work. 

* If your child misses a day on which we have a test, he/she will be expected to take the test on the day he/she returns.





Class Lists

2 months ago

Class List

Mrs. McGarry

Grade 5


Special Classes/Band/Choir

2 months ago

Daily   Special   Classes

Monday -- Music

Tuesday -- Swimming

Wednesday -- Gym

Thursday -- Library

Friday -- Art


Choir and Band

Tuesday -- Band Students at 2:30p.m.

 Wednesday -- Band Students at 2:30p.m.

Friday -- Choir Students at 2:30p.m. 


Instrument  Lessons

List is posted in room.
Students are reminded daily.