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Special Classes

Class Lists

11 months ago

Mrs. Sheeder's



Arianna Aughenbaugh

Landon Bowman

Lexi Brothers

Landon Caldwell

Reese Casher

Makayla Coombs

Griffin Hinojosa

Emilee Hoyt

Henry Johnston

Frankie Knepp

Gabriel Korman

Daphne Larson

Hunter Moore

Kason Neiswender

Nora Olson

Chloe Ott

Logan Passmore

Brycen Pollick

Rachel Redding

Abigail Schuler

Liam Smith

Kendra Timko

Payton White


First Grade Information

11 months ago

School is coming!

It's on the way.

We all are excited,

for the very first day of.....



I am so excited to welcome the 2019-2020 students and parents to first grade!!  Here is some information to help you get ready for the beginning of the school year! 


Supplies needed for first grade:

1.  pencil box

2.  two boxes of tissues

3.  several pencils, erasers, and 1 boxes of crayons

4.  folder

5.  one box gallon or sandwich size zip-seal baggies

6.  two glue sticks

7.  one pack of markers (optional)


* * Please write your child's name on all of these items.

* * Please replenish these items periodically as the students use/loose them frequently.



Class Times:

Students are permitted to come to the classroom at 8:30.  Attendance and announcements are done promptly at 8:40.  Class begins after morning activities are complete. 



First grade students will take a break mid-morning for a small snack.  ALL snacks must be healthy. Each student will be responsible for bringing his or her own snack.


Cafeteria Numbers:

Your child will have a six-digit cafeteria number this year. Your child's personal number will be sent home on the first day of school.  Please help your child memorize this number. This number will also be used as part of the login process in the computer lab.



Students are permitted to bring a HEALTHY treat to celebrate their special day!