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Mrs. Coudriet's Fourth Grade Class
Mrs. Coudriet's   Fourth Grade Class
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Specials Schedule
Our Specials Schedule
Monday - Art
Tuesday - Music
Wednesday - Library
Thursday - Swimming
Friday - Gym
Computer Schedule
Friday Afternoon

* Guidance Is Scheduled for the 1st Nine Weeks on Tuesdays.

Homework Policy

about 1 year ago

As I assign any classwork, I write the assignment down on the board for the students to write in their planners. At the end of the day, I ask the kids to gather all their work that needs finished at home. Your child will be bringing their school planner home each day for you to sign, except for the weekend.  Your child will need it signed in order to have recess that day.  If you need to ask me a question or write me a note, this is the perfect place to do so.  I will do the same for you and we can use this to keep our line of communication open.  Please note that your child will have a “study hall” time that he or she can use to complete their homework, so I can't foresee a large amount of work coming home to be finished. If your child is bringing home quite a bit of work, it’s because he or she is not using their time wisely here at school. Those who do not complete homework on its specific due date, will miss recess. Repeat offenders will have further disciplinary action taken if necessary. Homework can be a great way to expand or emphasize the concept taught during the school day. I appreciate your help with this. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.




Class List

about 1 year ago


Class List

Noah Barney

  Janessa Bellmore

Trenton Best

Chance Brennan

Lane Ciamacco

Dean Coudriet

Miley Cutler

Timmy Gustafson

Aurora Hammond

Cole Haney

Reed Hawkins

Jonathan Hutton

Tessa Johnston

Janelle King

Brittney Lobato

Chad Martell

Jordin Peoples

Thomas Scott

Harjot Singh

Evelynn Smith

Lilly Socash

Supply Lists

about 1 year ago

Grade Supply List






  Pencil  Sharpener – to keep in desk (one with a lid works best)

Wish List

Dry Erase Markers



Paper Products – Plates, Napkins, Plastic Spoons, etc.

Zip Lock Baggies – any size



Science Fair

about 1 year ago

Science Fair Project Ideas from Franklin Institute

You can use this link to find areas of science to explore, as well as, recommended grade levels and ability levels with each investigation.


Hubble Satellite Website

This website provides information about the Hubble Space Telescope and the images of space that it captured in its 15 years crusing around our solar system.


Various Science Games

Follow this link to choose from different games that reinforce various scientific concepts.


Make Yourself an Animal

Use this site to change yourself into a real animal. Use the features to give yourself the attributes of vertebrates and invertebrates from all over the world.


Feed the Spiders

Use this game to practice identifying which words are adjectives; feed the fly to the spider that is the correct choice.


Games from Scholastic PLAY!

This link will guide you to online games from different subject areas such as social studies, science, math, and language arts.


National Geographic for KIDS

Check out critters and people from all over the world! There's some pretty wild stuff on here...


Discovery Kids

This site comes from one of Mrs. Coudriet's favorite channels, the Discovery Channel. It provides information on awesome science experiments, and other hands-on science projects that would make Einstein's head spin!!!