Title One Packet cover letter

4 months ago


Curwensville Elementary School

650 Beech Street

Curwensville, PA  16833

Phone:  814-236-1411    Fax: 814-236-2386



Principal/Title I Coordinator

October 20, 2020

Welcome to Title I

1.   Explanation of documents

a.   Parent Resource Center-You can order documents to assist you and your family

 b.   Parent Involvement Policy-How we will meet the law.  Note:  Covid adaptations will be made in areas where “meetings” are identified

 c.    Title Q&A sheets


2.    Please go to  Google Form  and type your name (for attendance purposes).  You’ll be directed to our “Welcome to Title” video which explains what Title programming is and what you can expect throughout the year.  


v  Curwensville Elementary Instructors   


Title I Reading                 Mrs. Stanley & Mrs. Hawkins

Title I Math                     Ms. Ohs


-You will have an opportunity to meet the individual Title I teachers for individual consultations when we hold parent conference evening on November 12, 2020.

  If you have any questions about these documents, our program(s), or any other portion of our program, please contact Mr. Marsh at 236-1411 or via email at cmarsh@curwensville.org 

Title Explanations

Title I

Title II

Title IV

*Please note that Curwensville Elementary falls under the “targeted” method of implementation.