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April 18-19: Math PSSA Testing April 25-26: Science PSSA Testing April 27: Grade 6 Band Fest at Juniata

Volunteer Clearances: A reminder that anyone who is interested in serving in any of the following volunteer capacities must have the PA State Police Clearance and Child Abuse History Clearance on file in the office: classroom volunteers, field trip chaperones, PTC volunteers or any other school affiliated activity. Help is available on applying for clearances by calling the elementary office at 236-1411 for more information.

650 Beech Street Curwensville, PA 16833 Phone: 814-236-1411 Fax: 814-236-2386

Elementary Faculty

2 years ago


Curwensville Elementary School


Mrs. Cox
Mrs. Franson
Mrs. Polites
Mrs. Witherite

Grade 1

Mrs. Altemus
Mrs. George
Mrs. Guelich
Mrs. Sheeder
Mrs. Swatsworth

Grade 2

Mrs. Chutko
Miss Fannin
Mrs. Freyer
Mrs. Neeper
Mr. Thompson

Grade 3

Mrs. Bilger
Mrs. Clark
Mr. Irwin
Mr. Wassil

Grade 4

Mr. T. Butler
Mrs. Coudriet
Mrs. Haag
Mr. Sutika

Grade 5

Mrs. Fleming
Mrs. McGarry
Mrs. Wischuck

Grade 6

Mr. Jordan
Mrs. Miller
Mrs. Shaffer

Learning Support/Life Skills

Mrs. Ardary
Mrs. Bortot
Mr. J. Butler
Mrs. Butler
Miss Holland
Mrs. Ross

Specialty Areas

Art:  Mrs. Gardner
Library:  Mrs. Hatten
Music:  Miss Sherkel
Physical Education:  Mr. Swatsworth
Guidance:  Mrs. Moore
Gifted:  Mrs. Moore
Speech:  Mrs. Lee & Mrs. Weible
Stem K-6: Mr. Tkacik
Swimming:  Mr. Swatsworth
Title I:  Mrs. Hawkins, Mrs. Stanley, Miss Ohs, & Ms. Maines
K-6 Cyber: Mr. Williams

Extra-Curricular Activities

Beginner & Elementary Band:  Miss Sherkel
Elementary Choir:  Miss Sherkel
Newspaper:  Mrs. Miller
Student Council:  Mrs. Miller & Mrs. Shaffer
LEGO Club:  Mrs. Coudriet
Girls Basketball:  Mrs. Wheeler
Boys Basketball:  Mr. Wassil & Mr. Fleming