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2nd Grade

2nd Grade

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3rd Grade

3rd Grade- Irwin

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4th Grade Learning Support

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Christmas Escape Room

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Driver's Ed

Elementary Swimming

First Grade

First Grade

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Grade 1

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High School Lifeguarding

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Intermediate (4-6)



Kindergarten - 6th Grade  Art     Room 144A

Language Arts Links

Math 1

Math Links

Melony Maines

Miss Holland's Website

Miss Straw's Website

Mr. Jason Butler

Mrs. Bilger

Mrs. Coudriet's Website

Mrs. Cox's Kindergarten

Mrs. Fleming

Mrs. Franson's Kindergarten

Mrs. Fulton's Class

Mrs. George's Website

Mrs. Shaffer

Mrs. Sheeder's Website

Mrs. Strong's Website

Mrs. Swatsworth's Classroom

Mrs. Wischuck

Mrs. Wischuck

Mrs. Wischuck's Website

Mr. T's Class

Mr. T's Class

Mr. T's Class

Mr. T's Class

Mr. T's Class

Mr. T's Class

Mr. Wassil's Third Grade Class

Ms. Nixon's Website

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Sixth Grade Reading

Speech Language Pathologist K-12

Speech Therapist

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Title I Intervention

Title I Reading

Title I Reading

Todd Butler

Vocabulary and Spelling